Whilst most government restrictions have been lifted at the time of writing (24 February 2022), our highest priority is the health of our guests, our families and our local community and we continue therefore to take increased precautions.

Here are the measures we will be taking and measures that we will be asking guests to take in order to limit the spread of the virus:


Please do NOT travel to Croft View Cottage if you or any of your party are showing any symptoms of COVID 19.

If you need to cancel your booking for this reason, we will endeavour to rearrange your stay for another date.

In the case of a future full lockdown situation in either the area you are travelling from or to, we will offer the opportunity to change your travel dates.

This also applies if we, the owners/housekeepers, develop COVID symptoms and cannot prepare the cottage for you. If this is not possible, in this instance, we will offer a full refund.


If you or any of your party develop the symptoms of COVID 19, we ask you to immediately self-isolate, inform the owners and as soon as possible, return to your home address to self-isolate there.

Please do NOT remain at the property with symptoms.


Whilst there are still a high number of covid cases, on arrival we will meet you outside the cottage and prior to your stay we will contact you by phone to make arrangements for pick up of the key and to give arrival instructions.

In the event of a maintenance problem during your stay, we will arrange a mutually convenient time slot so that we can access the property and we will check that any contractors we may need, commit to working in a safe and hygienic way.


Preparation of Croft View Cottage- what we will do before your arrival

We will continue to follow a strict cleaning protocol, making every effort to clean and sanitise the cottage in order to minimise the risk of infection.

We are asking guests to check in after 5pm on the days where we need to do a same-day turnaround.

This should allow plenty of time to thoroughly clean, sanitise and air the cottage.

Here are some of the steps we will be taking:

  • housekeepers will only enter the cottage if free of virus symptoms, will observe frequent hand sanitising 
  • all rooms will be well ventilated between bookings
  • all surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned and all hard surfaces sanitised using an approved anti-bacterial and anti -viral disinfectant with particular attention to “high-risk, high- touch” areas such as door handles, remote controls, switches etc

Guest co-operation- how you can help during your stay at Croft View Cottage

Guests can play a big role in minimising the risk of infection and we ask you to help in the following ways:

  • Please wash your hands frequently throughout your stay.
  • Please put all cutlery, glasses and crockery through the dishwasher on a hot wash between uses throughout your stay and on departure.
  • In the bathrooms, please flush the toilets with the lid down.
  • Please observe social distancing whilst out and about and wash hands frequently and always on your return to the cottage.
  • Please use the anti-bacterial, anti-viral spray for kitchen and bathroom surfaces, door handles etc throughout your stay and on departure.
  • Please empty all bins to the outside dustbin and recycling bins regularly and on departure.
  • Prior to departure, please ensure that the property is clean and tidy.
  • To limit our handling of the laundry, please strip the beds and place in the bags provided as directed also, all personal towels and bathmats.
  • Please open a window in each room before you leave.

Where possible we will extend the departure time to allow you more time to carry out these tasks on departure although, unless advised otherwise, departure is by 10am.

Out and about

The Peak District has been very busy since the pandemic as people look to spend more time in the countryside.

Please park considerately and responsibly whilst you are here and consider local communities, especially in small villages, which have become overwhelmed by visitors.

If out walking, please observe the country code and do NOT bring disposable barbeques to the Peak District; these have been the cause of several moorland fires.

Thank you for reading all of the above!

We hope that the measures we are taking assure you that we are doing our best to keep you safe and that you are supportive and happy to carry out those measures that we ask of you.


Thank you for your cooperation in this and hope you have a relaxing holiday.